About us

The idea to establish the Fair in Budva, according to the memoir of Vojo Brinić, was born in 1966. The initiative has been launched by Chamber of Commerce and Montenegrin Tourist Association, Economy Propaganda Society in Montenegro, the enterprise Economy propaganda from Belgrade under the auspices of the Association of economists – propagandists of Yugoslavia.

On 6th of August 1967, in Budva was opened first tourist manifestation. The first fair manifestation titled „Tourist manifestation“ was opened by former Assembly President of the Municipality of Budva – Vojo Brinić. At the manifestation it has been presented the consumer goods relevant for the tourism economy. The organizer of the manifestation was the enterprise „Economic propaganda “from Belgrade which had a management control, given by the Municipality of Budva, to organize the fair event.


There were 60 enterprises from former Yugoslavia which participated at the manifestation, and according to the press, there were more than 30 000 visitors. Within that fair manifestation in Budva, there were held three parallel manifestations: „ National art of Yugoslavia“ (organizer Ethnographic Museum from Belgrade), „Seamanship of the Montenegrin coast“ (Maritime Museum from Kotor), The big Fashion Show ( Center for Contemporary clothing from Belgrade)

In the next year, 1968, it was finished the building construction project of the Adriatic Fair and according to that project, in the same year it were created five pavilions, fair halls of 3 000 square meters of space. The investor was the Municipality of Budva which paid 3 million dinars, and the loan was secured in the Investment bank in Titograd, former name of Podgorica.

Beside the fact that the halls were not finished, in 1968 it was held the second „International tourist manifestation “whose participants were 80 local and foreign exhibitors and there were around 100 000 visitors.

In 1969, there were held six fair manifestations whose participants were 420 local and foreign exhibitors and 150 000 visitors. The first years of the manifestation have confirmed that the establishment of the Adriatic Fair in Budva was an „excellent step“ , first of all because of its importance for tourism and also for the entire Montenegrin economy.


For its 40 and more years of existence, the Adriatic Fair has become the gathering place of the most successful businessmen and collectives, the place of presentation of the latest achievements, innovations, important business contacts. The place where you have to ask for a space, from manifestation to manifestation, where the visit reaches the records and where is actual the sale of a large range of products.

Today, the Adriatic Fair organizes 15 specialized fair manifestations.

A large number of foreign economic delegations, the presence of world renowned companies, as well as echo media, make the Adriatic Fair the business gateway of Montenegro As a member of the international fair organizations: UFI (Global association of the Exhibition Industry), CEFA (Central European Fair Alliance), EASE (Exhibition Association of the Southeast Europe), the Adriatic Fair affirms the state Montenegro and its national economy.